5 Reasons to Hire a GREAT Buyer's Agent

We've all heard the headlines... The housing market is red-hot right now, where very few homes are on the market and multiple-offer bidding wars are the norm. Buyer's Agents are working their tails off to show new homes quickly and submit their clients' highest and best offers. Unfortunately, not all buyer agents are made alike, and most don't exercise the most effective strategies in getting their offers to the finish line. There has never been a better time to hire the best Buyer's Agent to represent you in your home purchase.  

Here are the five reasons that you need to hire a great buyer's agent.

5. It's free.

Since all commissions on a real estate transaction are paid for by the seller, it makes sense to get the most bang for your buck. That means hiring a seasoned professional.

4. A great buyer's agent will understand the market, the process, and the contract.

Understanding what each city, community, neighborhood, and even floor plan has to offer is critical to a buyer that wants to buy the right home for their needs. Many buyers don't consider that there are issues that can arise that require professional guidance. Issues related to financing, appraisal, repairs, insurance, disclosures, and taxes just to name a few.

3. A great buyer's agent knows how to negotiate.

What does that mean? It might mean presenting an offer in person to a seller and really selling the seller on your offer. It could mean negotiating a sizable credit for repair issues related to the property. A great buyer's agent will ask the right questions, potentially saving a buyer thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

2. A great buyer's agent will do what a consumer can't or won't do.

It might be cold calling through an entire neighborhood to find an off market listing. It could also mean networking with other top producing listing agents to find an off market deal. It means turning over every rock to find the right property for you, the buyer.

1. You get an advocate for life.

Imagine having a true real estate consultant in your corner, not only during the transaction, but years after who is available to you as a consultant when it comes to your real estate questions, plans, and dreams. Because of all these reasons, interviewing and hiring a great buyer's agent is critical to having great success with your real estate goals and dreams.

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